Speech and Drama

Speech and drama classes started as a platform for primary school students to express themselves and to continue developing their characters in a safe and control environment.

Speech and drama gives students the opportunity to be on stage and perform to their friends and family members without the pressure to be the world class performers.

Classes involve activities such as reading out loud, exploring different characters and performing. Students learn the meaning of leadership, teamwork, understanding themselves and how to express themselves. Students get to explore their creativities while learning.

Benefit of Speech and Drama :‐

  • Using creativity & imagination
  • Build confidence & self‐esteem
  • Enjoy speaking with articulation & expression
  • Inculcate desire to read
  • Reduce communication apprehension with prose or poems, book review discussions, story‐telling, prepared speeches and conversations
  • Improve understanding & ability to express complex ideas orally.

The suitable ages for our classes will be from 7-12 years old.