Subjects and Homework Coaching

“Give a student a tutor and his homework is done for a day. Coach students to manage their work and themselves, and they will be effective for a lifetime.”  – proverb

  • Is your child struggling in school?
  • Is he/she overwhelmed and frustrated by increasing expectations in school?
  • Does your child lack the reading and study strategies necessary for academic success?
  • Is he/she having difficulty staying focused or getting organized?

Our highly trained tutors work hard to guide your child to understanding by guiding students toward correct answers rather than simply telling students answers and robbing them of the ability to think for themselves. Our tutors also make sure all homework is completed correctly.

“Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail”

Early Preparation.

Our tutors coach the students ahead in the lesson plan before it is introduced in class. In doing so, the student learns subject material more easily and gains confidence in their academic abilities. We also reinforce key concepts the student might have forgotten and guide them through their homework assignments.

Test Preparation

Students learn how to ask the right questions, to know what they don’t know, and to find and use the resources that will allow them to do their very best.  We prepare students for higher levels of education and for the real world where they will often need a high level of initiative and follow-through to succeed when they are faced with challenges.