UPSR, PT3, SPM Workshop

UPSR Workshop

This must-attend workshop will cover Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics and Science subjects for SK pupils and an additional Mandarin subject will be taught to SJKC kids with guidance from experience teachers in their respective subjects.The children will also be taught techniques on how to obtain high marks and will be shown how to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

PT3 Workshop

Subjects – English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics and Science

SPM English Workshop

Emphasis will be on Good Writing Techniques and Scoring in Literature. Notes, Model Answers


  • Highly recommended for all students… Get a head start in your preparation for your exam
  • Workshop with special emphasis on Grammar and getting the basics right!
  • Lots of Valuable Tips and Pointers. You need good grammar for both spoken and written English
  • Packed with games and activities – grammar will be learnt in a fun and lively way
  • Facilitated by experienced English experts and trainers